The Human Right Songs for Justice
The Human Right Songs for Justice
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# Title Featuring
1 Human Right (True Love) Elias
2 Commission Will reagan of United Pursuit
3 From This Valley (Fine Arts Participant) Emily Woods, Natalie Woods & Dakota Wilson
4 You Love Me Clayton Brooks
5 The Rescue Jerrica Matrone
6 Make the Human Right (Fine Arts Participant) Sarah George
7 Immortal Invisible Chris McClarney
8 Testify (Fine Arts Participant) J.P. Edwards
9 Redemption Has a Beautiful Face Jessica Bakken
10 Everybody (Fine Arts Participant) Brendan Kendall
11 Let There Be Light (Fine Arts Participant) Rachel Pollock
The quality of life on this earth is based on every individual’s freedom and rights. We fight for each human created equal to live with the same basic advantages. We fight to meet physical needs. We fight to meet political needs.

Are we missing the most essential right for all life? To have the right to know God is the only crucial right for life at its fullest. As Christians, it is our job to give every person, young and old, no matter where they are in the world, the right to abundant life. It’s the Human Right.

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